Senko BMC-2000 Carbon Monoxide Analyzer

The Senko BMC-2000 is a carbon monoxide detector that can be used in mQuit Services Smoking Cessation programs that are driven by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.

The features and benefits of the BMC 2000 are:

1) The BMC 2000 is a simple to use instrument to measure carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning in a person.
2) It is non-invasive and the subject only needs to blow into the mouthpiece attached to the BMC 2000
3) With the BMC 2000, it is easy to detect a person who smokes compared to a non-smoker.
4) The parameters that are measured and displayed simultaneously are the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) in breath and the percentage of carboxyhaemoglobin COHb in blood.
5) The BMC 2000 provides the ability to recognise the degree of CO poisoning which corresponds to the severity of the smoking habit.
6) The results are displayed after only 15 seconds.
7) The BMC 2000 provides “shock therapy” to the subject as the anti-smoking councillor/healthcare provider can indicate to the subject the level of carbon monoxide currently in his/her body due to the smoking habit.

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